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December 2017 Archives

How does Washington law define theft?

Sometimes misunderstandings occur between people in Spokane, especially when it comes to property. However, these misunderstandings become serious when they lead to accusations of theft. For example, a person may have lent something to someone else, and then forgot he or she did so, believing the item had been stolen. Or sometimes a person misplaces something, but instead of thinking it is lost, accuses someone of stealing it. However, just when does a situation fall under the realm of "theft" for which a person can be criminally charged?

We fight for our clients accused of domestic violence

When family members or those in a romantic relationship fight, usually it is just angry words hurled between the parties. Many times, ultimately, the parties to the argument are able to settle the matter between themselves and move on with their lives together. Unfortunately, sometimes when family members or romantic partners in Spokane fight, it can lead to allegations of domestic violence, which could have very serious consequences to the alleged abuser.