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Spokane man charged after allegedly trying to collect money owed

It is not unusual for a person in Spokane to loan money to another person or to sell something to someone, who promises to pay them for the item at a later date. However, this situation can become problematic if the money isn't paid back. Sometimes, those who are simply trying to collect what is owed to them are accused of breaking the law while doing so.

A Spokane man is facing numerous criminal charges involving an alleged incident that took place back in October. A woman claims that on October 25, she was woken up by a man she described as large, who was using a bandana to conceal his face and who had a Batman shirt on. The man was allegedly holding a firearm in each hand. According to the woman, he had one of the three other people she lived with by his side.

The man reportedly requested to see the fourth resident of the home, who wasn't there. According to the woman, the man said the fourth resident of the home owed him money. Reportedly, the fourth resident of the home won over $5,000 gambling and had been bragging about it. The woman says that after finding out the fourth resident wasn't there, he forced the woman and another female resident of the home into a separate room, and told them that he was going to shoot someone.

At that point, a male resident of the home told the man he'd give him two television sets if he would leave. Reportedly, the man accepted the television sets, along with two cell phones. The woman and the other female resident of the home then put the television sets in man's vehicle. The woman claims that there was a second person in the driver's seat of the vehicle.

The woman claims that after that, the man abducted the other female resident of her home and drove off. The woman then reportedly phoned 911. After the police came, she observed the woman who was reportedly abducted coming back to the home.

The man was arrested on December 21. He is now facing numerous charges including assault, kidnapping, burglary and robbery.

This man's future is in a precarious position. Those convicted of felonies often face many years in prison, in addition to the possibility of steep fines and other penalties. Therefore, those who are facing felony charges should do what is necessary to counter such charges in a persuasive manner.

Source: The Spokesman-Review, "Spokane man charged after holding home's residents at gunpoint," Abby Lynes, Dec. 29, 2017

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