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Spokane man faces charges in alleged cold cases

While some criminal cases are resolved relatively quickly, sometimes a case remains unsolved for a long time. These cold cases are not always forgotten about, however. Police will continue to investigate them for years in order to try to apprehend the alleged perpetrator of these crimes.

A Spokane man is facing numerous criminal charges including murder, burglary, rape and kidnapping following incidents that occurred decades ago. The two incidents had been considered cold cases. One took place in 1986 and involved an alleged murder of a contractor. The other took place in 1999 and involved the alleged rape of a woman.

However, according to DNA evidence, the accused has been linked to both incidents. He is facing murder charges in relation to the death of the contractor. He is also facing rape and burglary charges in connection to an incident involving a woman. In that incident the accused reportedly entered the woman's residence, struck her and then covered her head with a bag. She was bound up, and the accused reportedly committed acts of sexual assault against her. The accused then reportedly took money from the woman's purse and left. The woman described the person who entered her home as being large and having his face covered by a mask.

Following the incident, the woman and her romantic partner saw that the security lights surrounding her house were not operating properly because the light bulbs were not screwed in tight enough. Photos were taken of footprints in the snow. Photos were also taken of a pillowcase the woman wiped herself off with following the alleged attack. DNA was reportedly found on the pillowcase.

The charges this man is facing are quite serious and may be considered felonies. It is important that anyone accused of a crime, no matter when the alleged crime took place, is not unduly convicted based on faulty evidence. If a person is facing felony charges, it is important that they develop a solid defense strategy. A criminal defense attorney may be of help in this endeavor.

Source: kxly.com, "DNA links Spokane man to cold case murder & cold case rape," Melissa Luck, Feb. 22, 2018

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