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Criminal Defense Attorney

Our justice system is far from perfect. People often face charges that do not fit the crime, or charges of crimes they did not commit.

Everyone who faces criminal charges is entitled to a public defender, but hiring a private criminal defense attorney offers many advantages.

Learn why you should trust Spokane, WA, criminal defense lawyer David Partovi with your case...

A Lawyer With the Dedication and Resources You Need

A Focus on You

Public defenders are often overloaded, leaving limited time for the attorney to meet with you or to pursue a better outcome than a plea deal with the prosecutor. David Partovi limits his caseload to give you the attention you deserve. He makes the time to investigate your case thoroughly so he can understand and prove all the facts of your situation.

Dedicated and Accessible

Clients facing a variety of charges say that David Partovi is a lawyer who can be counted upon to make the truth known in court, often resulting in dropped or reduced charges. He makes himself available to clients, offering free consultations, 24/7 service by appointment, and direct correspondence with your attorney.

Building Jury Rapport

Criminal defense attorneys must show the jury that their clients are more than the charges they face despite what a prosecutor is telling them. David Partovi will explain how you came to this point in your life, what actually occurred, and how it has affected you. We combat bias against the accused by ensuring that the court sees you as a person, not as a criminal charge.

Practicing Law for More Than Two Decades

David Partovi has been an attorney for more than 20 years and is licensed to practice criminal law in both Washington and Idaho. Your case will benefit from his knowledge of the minutiae of criminal statutes in both Washington and Idaho, as well as his demeanor in courtroom interactions with judges and juries. When you need criminal defense services, you need David Partovi.

Secure a Brighter Futre  Call Now If You Have a Criminal Case 

Being charged with a criminal offense can feel overwhelming and isolating. You need an advocate on your side who has proven their ability to have criminal charges reduced and even dismissed outright.

Mr. Partovi is renowned for turning his clients' stories into compelling, artfully told stories that prove their innocence. Call or write to our Spokane law office to request your free consultation with our distinguished attorney. 

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"Professional, reliable, and trustworthy!" Great Reviews for Our Law Office


Hanncel Sanchez


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We are very pleased with the outstanding service we received from Mr. Partovi and his staff. Mr. Partovi is very knowledgeable, professional and flexible. We met at his office very last minute and yet he took the time to go through the case details and answer all of our questions. He showed that he cared about the case and his client. He even went out of his way to make the impossible possible! Professional, reliable and trustworthy!

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Tanner McCoon


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Dave Partovi and his team fought hard for me, and genuinely cared about my case. They dealt with me like a human being, and were always honest with me. Never over-promising, always straightforward and honest. If you need someone in your corner who will fight for you while giving you the advice you need (not what you want), go to Partovi Law. Their legal help truly changed my life.

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You're a Person - Not a Criminal Charge

It is inevitable that jurors will bring their own biases into a trial that will color their perception of you. When it comes to criminal defense, David Partovi is an attorney who excels at humanizing his clients in the eyes of the court, countering the prosecution, and making jurors see beyond the charges you face.

The Benefits of Working With Our Criminal Defense Attorney

Aggressive prosecutors can make it feel like you have no option but to plea guilty. Having a criminal defense lawyer on your side can help in nearly all criminal cases. The team at our Spokane law office is known to help defendants:

Major Penalties

Felony criminal charges in Idaho or Washington can lead to significant fines and jail time. Even a misdemeanor conviction can end in up to a year in jail and costly fines. Our Spokane team knows how to build a robust defense to persuade the jury you deserve minimal punishment even if they are not totally convinced of your innocence. 

Keep a Clean
Criminal Record

The type of conviction you are charged with or convicted of can have lifelong ramifications when it comes to securing employment, housing, and more — even after you have completed all potential aspects of a criminal sentence. Clients come to Mr. Partovi's Spokane law office because of his ability to craft optimal defense strategies for keeping records clean. 

Their Rights

You still retain your rights if you've been charged with criminal activity, and a good defense attorney will make sure the courts continue to respect your rights. A key aspect of some successful defenses is proving that your rights were violated by police or prosecutors. If your rights were violated, Mr. Partovi can seek to have some evidence or charges against you dropped.  

Mr. Partovi Is Here to Help

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Mr. Partovi can explain the charges you are facing and stand up to a legal system that is trying to convict you. 

David Partovi's Criminal Defense Services

Whatever criminal charges you face, our Spokane law firm is here to help. Mr. Partovi has successfully defended clients against a wide range of misdemeanor and felony charges, including:

"Incredibly knowledgeable and upfront." More Reviews of Our Criminal Defense Lawyer in Spokane, WA


Bryce Holmes


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Incredibly knowledgeable and up-front. I had a quick consultation with him and was listened to and ultimately told that pursuing a case would cost a lot of money and probably not end the way I would hope. I had spent some time talking with lawyers, but none were as honest, kind, and seemingly knowledgeable as Mr. Partovi. Would highly recommend.

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Andrew Swinford


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David and his team are extraordinarily helpful, responsive, and above all so knowledgeable! They keep you informed from start to finish and make sure you feel like their only priority. Thank you again to the Partovi Law Team!

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Do You Need a Criminal Defense Attorney? Schedule a Free Consultation

Attorney David Partovi has a record of more than 20 years of criminal law success. As your criminal defense lawyer, he will make sure that your side of the story is heard and that you are treated fairly in the courtroom. Rather than aiming to settle for a plea deal with the prosecution, he will always work to get you the most favorable legal outcome possible.

David Partovi is proud to be affiliated with:

  • The Washington State Bar Association
  • The United States District Court for the Eastern District of Washington
  • The United States District Court for the District of Idaho

To speak with a lawyer who will fight for you, schedule a free consultation at our law firm or call our office in Spokane at:

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The legal team at Partovi Law

Assault Charges

In both Washington and Idaho, an assault conviction can have very serious lifelong consequences. It is entirely possible that the act in question was the result of your attempts to defend yourself or a loved one. That's why you need an attorney who is qualified to bring the truth to light and avoid a miscarriage of justice that will haunt you for the rest of your life.

Meanwhile, it is important to understand that in Washington, a felony assault charge counts as one of the three strikes necessary to place you in prison for life without parole. Don't take chances with your future - Spokane assault lawyer David Partovi can protect your rights.

Washington's Self-Defense Reimbursement Statute

David Partovi has become intimately familiar with the finer points of the law over his career of more than 20 years. Washington's self-defense reimbursement statute is an important law to understand, given how it can cover lawyer fees and other costs associated with hiring an attorney.

About This State Statute

According to the revised code of Washington 9A.16.110, a person will not be put in legal jeopardy for reasonably defending themselves, their loved ones, their property, or someone who is in danger during a violent crime. When someone is found not guilty by reason of self-defense, the State of Washington will reimburse the defendant for attorney fees, loss of time, and other reasonable expenses that were associated with mounting their criminal defense.

Making the Law Work for Clients

David Partovi was the attorney in a criminal law case in which his client's mother was being harassed at a casino. The defendant shoved the person harassing his mother, which caused the harasser to fall and break their back. During the trial, the defendant was found not guilty by reason of self-defense. Our law firm secured reimbursement for the defendant's legal fees through this state law. This is what a knowledgeable criminal defense attorney can do for you.


Driving under the influence (DUI) refers to the operation of a vehicle while impaired by alcohol or drugs. In both Washington and Idaho, a driver is considered impaired if their blood alcohol concentration (BAC) exceeds .08. In Washington, you are considered impaired if you have five or more nanograms of THC per milliliter of blood in your system.

A DUI conviction can hamper your bank account, your reputation, and your freedom. Repeat offenses result in increasingly harsher penalties that can include jail time. Tragically, DUI convictions are often a result of faulty police work. That's why you need an attorney who understands both your rights and proper police protocol to protect your rights.

"I am forever grateful to him and his staff."


David Betts


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I can say without a shadow of doubt, David Partovi, Esq. is an excellent lawyer, a straight talker, honorable, and gets results even in the middle of COVID-19 as most of the legal system seems shut down. Thanks to Mr. Partovi's expertise, I now have the ability to move on with my life and family. I am forever grateful to him and his staff.

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Liliya S.


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I’m so grateful for David. He spent more than an hour with me after hours trying to help me with my urgent need. He gave me his opinion and advice and haven’t take any money for the consultation. He’s very friendly and professional. He takes a very close look at your situation. I would definitely come back to him and recommend him to others. Thank you, David!

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Are You Facing Charges of Domestic Violence?

Domestic violence is a serious crime that deserves serious ramifications. Unfortunately, many domestic violence convictions are a result of misunderstandings, such as a neighbor with good intentions calling the police when an argument becomes heated. When innocent people are convicted of domestic violence, their freedom, job prospects, and relationship with their family can all be permanently jeopardized. If you face charges of domestic violence, there is so much at stake - enlist the help of attorney David Partovi to tell your side of the story in court.
David Partovi

Partovi Law

Attorney David Partovi and his team are always available when you need them. They are proud to be associated with:

  • Washington State Bar Association
  • Idaho State Bar
  • United States District Court for the Eastern District of Washington
  • United States District Court for the District of Idaho
  • 9th Circuit Court of Appeals

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