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DUI Lawyer

Being arrested for drunk driving is a serious charge that can carry jail time, huge fines, and a loss of driving privileges.

Partovi Law's proven DUI defense lawyer has had many charges reduced or dismissed and can fight to achieve the same result for you. 

Our Spokane, WA, law firm can help protect your best interests by determining whether any injustices led to your DUI charge.

Get Our DUI Attorney on Your Side

If you have been arrested for DUI in Eastern Washington or Northern Idaho, you need to know that your arrest is not a unique case for the prosecution. The government knows exactly what they need to do to secure a conviction in a DUI case. They have the enforcement of DUI laws down to a science.

For the best chance of having charges dropped or an acquittal, you need the help of a defense attorney who knows what techniques are effective at fighting DUI charges. Even if your goal is simply to maximize plea negotiations, the presentation of a dynamic defense can motivate the prosecution to make the best possible offer.

At Partovi Law in Spokane, WA, our DUI lawyer has decades of criminal defense experience and employs effective strategies to help you reach a fair resolution. You can reach out online or call us directly:

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DUI Attorney David Partovi
DUI Attorney David Partovi

"You can't ask for better." A DUI Testimonial

"Hands down the BEST attorney in the inland northwest! I walked in with a DUI, and it was literally dismissed in 10 minutes, my entire family, including myself, are still floored at his amazing results! And he is available 24/7, ANYTIME! You can't ask for better!!!!!!!!!!"
Rachel Anderson, 5-Star Google Review, 2022

Understanding DUI Law

DUI, or driving under the influence, is defined a bit differently in Washington and Idaho. It is important to retain an attorney who understands DUI law for the state in which you were charged. Although our law office is conveniently located in Spokane, WA, our DUI attorney is licensed in both Washington state and Idaho and has the knowledge to handle your DUI defense.


Washington State DUI Law

DUI is defined in the state of Washington as a person guilty of driving a vehicle within the state while under the influence of intoxicating liquor, marijuana, or any drug or any combination of alcohol, marijuana, and drugs.

Because THC is legal in Washington state, the state has set defined limits for both alcohol and THC. For alcohol, the limit is an alcohol concentration of 0.08 or higher within two hours after driving. The THC limit for driving is a blood concentration of 5 nanograms per milliliter. 

Idaho DUI Law

DUI is defined in Idaho as a person in control of a motor vehicle who is under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or any other intoxicating substances or a combination of alcohol, drugs, or other intoxicating substances, or who has an alcohol concentration of 0.08.

Because marijuana and THC are illegal in Idaho, any amount of THC or consumption of marijuana is considered illegal and could potentially lead to DUI charges as well as other drug-related charges. 

The Best DUI Defense Is a Good Offense

When you hire DUI lawyer David Partovi, he will thoroughly examine your DUI case, including your arrest and alcohol test to ensure your rights are respected. Areas he may probe include:

Was the breathalyzer properly calibrated?

Was the officer who conducted your test properly trained to operate the breathalyzer?

Was there probable cause for the officer to pull you over in the first place?

Were symptoms of a medical condition mistaken for signs of intoxication?

Is there any history of defects or false positives from the specific model of breathalyzer you were tested on?

Did the Officer Have Reasonable Suspicion
and Probable Cause? 

field sobriety test

An officer must have a reasonable suspicion for initiating a traffic stop. This can include driving too fast or too slow, swerving out of your lane, and running red lights. Generally, if you're breaking a traffic law, the officer likely has reasonable suspicion to pull you over.

But just because an officer pulls you over doesn't automatically mean they can arrest you on DUI charges. They must first have probable cause (reasonable grounds) for making an arrest. If you have incoherent speech, red eyes, smell of alcohol, or exhibit other signs of intoxication, the officer may choose to administer some form of alcohol testing in order to gain probable cause for an arrest. 

Lawyer David Partovi can scrutinize body camera or dashboard camera footage, your arrest report, and the results of any sobriety tests used against you. If our DUI attorney discovers conflicting evidence, he can make an argument that your arresting officer did not have probable cause for your arrest. 

Lawyer David Partovi Holds Police Accountable 

Too often, police initiate traffic stops without reasonable suspicion and make arrests without probable cause. Since officers are in a position of power, some drivers may think there's no way to effectively dispute the officer's story, especially in a court of law. 

Having a lawyer like David Partovi providing you with criminal defense gives you the opportunity to challenge the officer's story. Remember, the arresting officer and prosecution are not looking out for your interests. Our lawyer will not hesitate to push back against police and attorneys, forcing them to present their case with nothing short of airtight facts. 

Don't let your arresting officer have the final word. Begin exploring our criminal defense services today by requesting a free consultation. Send us a message online or contact us by phone:

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Washington & Idaho Clients Trust Our Spokane Lawyer


Kelly Walker

Spokane, WA


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I'm the opposing party and giving him 5 stars should say something. Dave Partovi is one of the very few lawyers I've known to be honest, genuinely caring and respectful to all parties involved. He's earns his wins with integrity and hard work not with lies and dirty tricks. 

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Kameron Danforth

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David partovi is awesome he gave me really good information and advice... I also like the fact that that he is straightforward with everything

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What To Do if You or a Loved One Is Arrested or Charged With DUI

DUI lawyer David Partovi can arrange to speak with you at any time of the day or night.
DUI lawyer David Partovi can arrange to speak with you at any time of the day or night.

Contact a DUI Lawyer

The first thing you should do is contact an attorney and remain calm. We understand that any arrest or charge is scary, but by retaining a DUI lawyer, you can ensure your rights are protected from the start. Our DUI lawyer, David Partovi, personally answers his calls 24/7 and promptly returns messages. Having an attorney is an invaluable tool that you should obtain immediately. 

Do Not Speak to Police Without an Attorney Present

You have the right to remain silent. While it is important to cooperate with the police to avoid other charges, it is also critically important to invoke your right to remain silent until you have an attorney present. Our DUI lawyer can help you answer questions without the risk of self-incrimination. 

The Benefits of David Partovi's Criminal Defense Services Following a DUI Charge

Meeting Deadlines 

Having Spokane-based attorney David Partovi provide criminal defense services will help you meet important deadlines. For example, you face administrative license suspension following a DUI arrest. You have limited time after your arrest to request a hearing to review this suspension, which could result in you keeping your license. Mr. Partovi is a lawyer who will make sure no deadlines pass without taking the right action on your behalf.

Protecting Your Rights

Having a lawyer on your side means you have an advocate who will stand up for your rights. As a lawyer who focuses on DUIs, Mr. Partovi knows which flaws to look for when prosecutors make their case against you. Just because you have been charged with DUI does not make you a criminal, and just because a police officer chooses to arrest you does not mean they had probable cause. As your lawyer, David Partovi will make these truths clear to the jury at all times.

Protecting Your Freedom

A DUI conviction can cause you to lose your driving privileges, pay astronomical fines, and spend time in jail. A DUI can show up in a background check, possibly costing you a job and much more. Attorney David Partovi can challenge your DUI charge so that you don't suffer any unjust punishment that compromises your freedom or livelihood.

We Are Always Available Request a Consultation

Unlike other DUI lawyers that take on a ton of clients for less, we prioritize the cases we accept to give each client the individualized attention they deserve. If you need to fight a DUI charge, call our Spokane office for a free consultation

(509) 638-3247

"They walked me through the worst experience in my life." Clients Review Our Spokane DUI Attorney 


Trina Dutton

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David Partovi helped me with a legal matter in which I was being falsely accused. He was professional, kind, and very responsive when I contacted him. I would definitely recommend!

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Terri Hill

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My attorneys and paralegal became part of my family as they walked me through the worst experience in my life. Always very professional, caring and understanding, willing to listen and push me in the right direction. I would highly recommend them to everyone.

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Defending Clients in Washington and Idaho

Mr. Partovi, based out of Spokane, WA, has been practicing law in Washington and Idaho for over 10 years. He believes the best way to get DUI cases dismissed is to be ready to try them. 

What If You Refused the Breathalyzer Test?

Washington and Idaho are considered implied consent states, meaning all drivers are subject to a breathalyzer test administered by the police. If you refused the breathalyzer test, you were perfectly within your rights. However, refusal comes with some penalties, including:


  • Driver's license or permit is suspended for at least one year.
  • Refusal to take the test can be used against you in court.
  • For license reinstatement, drivers must pay a $375 fine and request a hearing before the state department of licensing. 


  • Driver's license or permit is suspended for at least one year.
  • A fine of $250.
  • Mandatory interlock ignition system installed in your vehicle after you get your license back.

Prosecutors may use your refusal of the test as proof that you were, in fact, driving under the influence. However, your refusal deprived the prosecution of a key piece of evidence since the police were unable to measure your blood alcohol content (BAC). 

Roadside breathalyzer test

Questioning Field Sobriety Tests

Field sobriety tests can be administered at night and near busy roads, making them difficult to complete under any condition. Police officers commonly subject drivers to roadside field sobriety tests as a means of "proving" DUI guilt. This is such a common and well-known police tactic that many charged with driving under the influence believe any poor performance on the tests means they do not have any possible DUI defense. This is a misconception that leads to unnecessary guilty pleas. 

Roadside field sobriety tests must be conducted to a specific standard. The test is not objective and the officer's account of how you performed is open to debate. Our Spokane DUI attorney will vet the process and results of the field sobriety test. If Mr. Partovi finds that protocols were not followed or that your rights were violated, he will push to have the results dismissed.

Act Right Away to Avoid Administrative License Suspension

Once you have been arrested for DUI, you have a short amount of time to act before an administrative suspension is placed on your driving privileges. You must mail in a request for an administrative hearing on the matter. In Washington, you have 7 days to mail in the request for a hearing. In Idaho, you have only seven days.

Criminal defense lawyer David Partovi can help you submit the necessary forms. Contacting our Spokane law office as soon as possible after your arrest for DUI can help you keep your driver's license.

"I couldn’t have been more pleased." Clients Rave About Our Spokane-Based Team


Richard Heusted

Spokane, WA


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I received phenomenal treatment and won in every aspect of my case. I couldn’t have been more pleased with them. Highly recommend.

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Jon Redford


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David is a very genuine man, super knowledgeable, and very helpful. Anyone looking for a good criminal defense attorney I would call Partovi Law. Very helpful in every aspect, especially as an Attorney and man to man advice.

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DUI Penalties

Hiring a DUI lawyer is critical because drunk driving charges and DUI convictions carry serious penalties in both Washington and Idaho. The classification of your DUI as a misdemeanor or a felony, as well as the severity of the consequences you face, is determined by numerous factors, including your blood alcohol concentration (BAC), your behavior towards police, and whether you've been found guilty of DUI before.

At a minimum, in a first-offense DUI case, the penalties you face with a DUI conviction include:

Washington Idaho
Jail Time Between one day and 364 days in jail Up to six months in jail (or one year if your BAC is .20% or greater)
Fines Up to $5,000 Up to $1,000 (or up to $2,000 if your BAC is .20% or greater)
License Suspension 90 days (or one to two years if your BAC is .15% or greater) 90 days to 210 days (or up to one year if your BAC is .20% or greater)
Ignition Interlock Device In place for one year after suspension In place for one year after suspension

Of course, if this is your second or third DUI, the penalties you face are more severe. To protect your freedom, the best course of action is to consult with a DUI lawyer like David Partovi.

Factors That Can Increase DUI Penalties

Our criminal defense law firm knows how to combat severe DUI charges and is unafraid of standing up for our clients' rights. If any of the below circumstances apply to your DUI arrest, you will likely face enhanced penalties that require a robust legal defense to avoid. 

Being younger than 21

Having a minor in the car

Causing property damage

Injuring or killing someone

A Commercial Driver's Career Can Be Derailed by a DUI Conviction

Commercial truck driving is in demand in both Washington and Idaho. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that in 2022, Washington state had 37,250 employed heavy and tractor-trailer truck drivers. The state of Idaho has a 5,000-person shortage in this industry.

Despite the importance of this job, DUI laws in each state put necessary drivers at risk of losing their careers. CDL drivers are subject to more severe DUI penalties than civilian motorists. Attorney David Partovi understands how critical beating a DUI conviction is for a CDL driver. He will draw upon his decades of knowledge to fight for you and your career.

Washington Commercial Drivers

A first DUI conviction for a CDL driver, even if their arrest did not occur while driving professionally, will result in a one-year CDL license disqualification. If the arrest occurred while transporting hazardous materials the disqualification is extended to three years. A second DUI conviction for a CDL driver results in a lifetime license ban.

It is important to know there are lower BAC limits for CDL drivers. While the BAC threshold for a civilian is .08, a CDL driver can be convicted of DUI with a BAC of just .04 if the arrest happened while they were driving their commercial motor vehicle. Similarly, any measurable amount of THC concentration is grounds for a conviction. 

To make matters worse, the state of Washington considers entering into a deferred prosecution agreement the same as an outright DUI conviction when it comes to license disqualifications for commercial vehicle operators. 

Idaho Commercial Drivers

A DUI conviction for either drugs or alcohol while operating any motor vehicle will result in a ban of at least one year for commercial drivers or anyone with a class A, B, or C license. Idaho also lengthens this disqualification to three years if the arrested driver was transporting hazardous materials. 

As in Washington, a commercial driver arrested while operating their commercial motor vehicle in Idaho can be convicted of DUI with a BAC as low as .04 at the time of arrest. 

Commercial vehicle operators in Idaho are obligated to notify their employer of a DUI conviction within 30 days of said conviction. They must notify their employer if their license was suspended just one day after the suspension. 

Our Lawyer Will Fight For Your Right to Work

As you are now well aware, a DUI conviction for a commercial driver can be even more damaging than a drunk driving conviction for a normal civilian. A license suspension and conviction can cause severe financial suffering to both you and your family. 

Our lawyer has spent his career fighting and winning DUI cases. He takes great pride in helping working people avoid severe, life-derailing penalties. He may also be able to request an administrative review to appeal your license disqualification. To receive his help, reach out now

(509) 638-3247

DUI Attorney David Partovi Always Communicates Clearly

Our DUI attorney is well-known for being an honest and straightforward communicator. He will make sure you understand exactly what took place during your arrest and that you know what consequences you are facing. Our lawyer will then explain, based upon decades of winning cases like yours, what his optimal defense strategy is. 

How Much is Representation?

The cost of representation will vary from case to case. Our fees tend to be higher than those at firms that take on many clients. However, the personalized attention to detail we are able to provide allows us to win many complex cases. 

DUI lawyer David Partovi fights diligently for his clients, resulting in many cases being dismissed. Mr. Partovi answers all calls that come through his office, so no client has to speak to a secretary before hearing from our attorney himself. 

DUI lawyer David Partovi is available 24/7. Our law firm never closes.

"I recommend this attorney and staff!" More 5-Star Reviews From Spokane Clients


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Dave Partovi and his team fought hard for me, and genuinely cared about my case. They dealt with me like a human being, and were always honest with me. Never over-promising, always straightforward and honest. 

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This office is a wonderful choice for a variety of legal needs. They are friendly and on top of things! Thank you for helping us during a very difficult time regarding a loved ones needs with health declining rapidly. I recommend this attorney and staff!

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